Edith (Vrchat Avatar)

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Uses the base:https://sukawonton.gumroad.com/l/MaruchiCanineMy Discord is Sukawonton#5294
1. 296k Polys
2. Comes with a unity package that contains an FBX, and prefab
Video from my good friend UnlikelyFloof!
1. Poiyomi Toon Shader
2. Dynamic Bones
3. VRCSDK Avatar 3.0
4 Unity 2019.4.31f1

SDK 3 Toggles, puppets, and Radial Menus!
1. Hue Shifts!
2. Crop Top Hoodie off/on
3. Pants off/on
4. Thigh High off/pm
5. Panties off/on
6. Fire off/on
7. Long Sleeve off/on
8. Mask off/on

1. This package MUST NOT be redistributed, given, or shared in any state to ANYONE for whatever reason

  1. This avatar MUST NOT be uploaded as public on any social VR platform whatsoever
  2. This model MUST NOT be used in any commercial capacity edits of course are obviously allowed.
  3. YOU MUST NOT delete the credit meshes/texture that is the head of that avatar!!! , doing so will violate the terms Mari has set!!
    5. Resale is prohibited. Redistribution is prohibited. Failure to comply will result in an immediate DMCA

    The Terms Of Use!
    There are no restrictions if you would like to use Edith for R-18 and R-18G, but remember I will not be held responsible for any problems caused by their use that will come your way!
    You WILL not use "Edith" for the purpose of slandering a specific individual or group, or for political or religious activities, it just ain't cool man, be a decent human being
    The creator of the original Maruchi base "Mari" and the creator of the Avatar and Maruchi Canine in this product "Sukawonton" WILL NOT be held responsible for any financial or mechanical problems caused by the use of this Avatar "Edith"
    These terms of use are subject to change or revision. If you continue to use the site after any changes are made, you are deemed to agree to the changed or revised terms

Hair (Redone rig and Weights by me) https://nikkiepng.gumroad.com/l/IvyHair?
Pants and Jacket By Darcy (Given special permission by them to use it commercially)
Crop Top Hoodie By https://lestery.gumroad.com/l/pPvyP?recommended_by=library
Long Sleeve (Edited By Me) https://payhip.com/wen/collection/allproducts?&page=

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Edith (Vrchat Avatar)

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